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Commercial | Gregory Kibble Ltd

Remember, you are what they see!

Expanding or refurbishing an office or shop space? Let us help you get the best of the space you have whether it is to tempt or inspire.

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Loft Conversion | Gregory Kibble Ltd

If you can’t go out, go up!                       

We at Gregory Kibble can transform that old dark space at the top of your home into a light airy beautiful room to be enjoyed.

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Construction | Gregory Kibble Ltd

Planning is key!

We at Gregory Kibble believe in having strong, long-lasting and successful relationships with Suppliers,  Planning,  Building Control, Architects and Engineers alike. These relationships ensure a competent and thorough schedule of works resulting in a successful completion.

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Renovation & Resoration | Gregory Kibble Ltd

From heritage cottages to sleek modern buildings; we at Gregory Kibble restore the old and sharpen up the new. With an eye for the details and a strong interest in preserving beautiful building heritage, we are the only choice for any successful restoration.

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Our Locations

If you live within a 30-mile range of Berkhamsted, you're within our range!  If you're further afield, just contact us to see if we can travel to you.